How to prepare for your travel?

What to pack?
Must have for travelers - what to pack
perfect Mexican guacamole
Perfect Mexican guacamole

What should you do before short trip or journey to the end of the world?

I advise you to give yourself 2 months for preparation.

How to prepare for your travel - step by step

  • Documents

Close your affairs in the country of residence (if you are going for a longer period: terminate your employment contract, telephone, contract with your landlord; authorize family members to handle official matters in your name if necessary). Prepare the necessary documents for travel (i.e. passport valid for a minimum of 6 months from entering the last country). Scan them all and send them to your email (it could be useful in case of theft or loss of the original ones).

  • Vaccinations

Research online or go to the nearest Vaccination and Travel Medicine Center. Check what vaccinations are recommended for your destinations (start at the latest one month before the travel). Before my journey to Southeast Asia I got vaccinated for hepatitis A, typhoid fever, cholera, rabies (since I spent a month in the Thai jungle) and Japanese encephalitis virus.  

Note: Vaccinations are not mandatory in most countries, just recommended. For the peace of mind it's worth take them though. It could be pricy. I spent over 500 euro on them before traveling to Asia.

  • Insurance

Like vaccinations, insurance is ussualy not mandatory, but I don't think any of you would want to expose your family for high medical costs and medical transport.

  • Pack as light as possible

I recommend the post Must have for travelers - what to take with you to learn more.

  • Plane tickets

If you are goint to travel for more than 2-3 months, it is worth waiting with the purchase of a return ticket for later. Tickets are the cheapest about 2 months to 2 weeks before departure. Besides, your plans could change and maybe it would be worth staying a week or two longer in a given place?

I recommend for searching for cheap plane tickets.

  • Write a diary/blog

Consider writing a travel diary or blog. It will be a great souvenir and will make you feel less lonely (if you're traveling alone).

  • Get multi-currency card

There are many such cards on the market today. Instead of paying for multiple conversions, choose a card for yourself and safely use ATMs around the world at the lowest cost. I use Revolut.

Maria Inspires
Maria Inspires
My name is Maria Durczyk. I love traveling, illustrating, people. I travel to near and distant countries and towards health and inner peace.

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