Ultimate guide to Mexico

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10 places you need to visit in Mexico
10 places you must visit in Mexico
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Ultimate guide to Mexico

Ultimate Guid to Mexico

Colorful streets, friendly people, cuisine appreciated by gourmets from around the world, warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, palm trees, very popular salsa, bachata and cumbia - for all this I love Mexico. See it with my eyes ;)

Interesting facts about Mexico:


The monetary unit is pesos (MXN), one dolar is about 20 pesos.


The official name of Mexico is the United Mexican States.


Mexican and Asian cuisines are the most spicy in the world. Chili peppers and avocados come from Mexico. Mexicans even eat fresh fruit sprinkled with chili, salt, sugar and lime juice.


The average Mexican's diet is rich in meat. Vegetarianism is not as popular here as in Europe. The people of Mexico have been consuming a large amount of processed products since the 1980s and those less educated drink Coca-Cola every day. In some remote villages it is easier to get this unhealthy drink than drinking water. Mexicans are currently the fattest nation in the world.


The people of Mexico are very friendly. Not everyone is short, swarthy and wear sombreros on a daily basis. These hats are only used for special holidays. The inhabitants of the north are mainly of Spanish-Mestizo origin. They can be very tall and very pale. In the south, people are mainly Indian and have short stature, swarthy skin and wide faces. As in Asia, Mexico values light skin color, which is why some residents in big cities passionately buy sunscreen creams and even use special sleeves while driving a car so that the sun does not tan them.


I love Mexico and I could live here. But I could not work here... Imagine that you only have 6 days of holiday a year!!! I think it's totally inhuman. And although your leave may increase to a dozen or so days a year over time, but if you commit an unimaginable crime and change your employer, you will start again with him with 6 days a year... Mexicans are not great formalists and it is suppose to be easy to get an illegal job. I haven't tried. INTERESTING FACT: In Canada, you normally have 2 weeks of vacation per year. Some employers give you 3 weeks a year as a goodwill gesture. Europe has spoiled us very much in this respect...

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