Inspiring books which will change your world

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Inspiring movies, which will change your perspective
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Inspiring books which will change your world

inspiring books

On the dusty shelves of libraries wait for you books that could change your world. They will give you motivation, courage, change the perspective of your perception, give you advise. I love reading. Here is my list of inspiring books:

Inspiring books which will change your world

  • The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma: A rich lawyer almost dies. He gets an ultimatum from his doctor: he will either give up his current lifestyle or he will die. What will he learn from monks in the Himalayas? Interesting plot and practical tips on the essence of life. You can find some of them in the article 10 Rituals of Radiant Living (from the monk).
  • Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle - about living the Here and Now, breaking free from the imperious mind and being in a mindless zone filled with joy, love and peace.
  • Word into Silence: A Manual for Christian Meditation by John Main OSB - on Christian meditation; To learn more, check my post East and Christian meditation.
  • Slow Life. Zwolnij i zacznij żyć by Joanna Glogaza - about slowly enjoying the moment in Polish reality.
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki - you will find here the answer to these questions: Why do some get rich while others remain poor? How do you make a fortune?
  • Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson - is a short, simple story about changes in our lives. Who are you: Sniff, Scurry, Hem or Haw?
  • The Power of Positive Thinking: A Practical Guide to Mastering the Problems of Everyday Living by Norman Vincent Peale - about the search for meaning and how not to waste your life.
  • Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins. Change your habits, beliefs and attitudes through the author's techniques and strategy to achieve success.
  • Led by Destiny by Kinga Choszcz and Radoslaw Siuda - the story of a Polish couple who started a journey around the world with just a few hundred dollars in their pocket in 1998. After 5 years on the road, Africa was still before them...
  • Jade sobie. Azja. Przewodnik dla podrozujacych kobiet by Marzena Filipczak - an inspirational book for women who would like to go on a journey into the unknown alone, but do not know how to start. It is also an alternative guide to India and Southeast Asia.

Belles-lettres that give you food for thought:

  • Waiting for Godot Samuel Beckett - and what are you waiting for? Play belonging to the so-called theater of absurdity.
  • A Minor Apocalypse by Tadeusz Konwicki - the language of this novel is amazing, and the world of communistic Poland absurd and heavy. This is one of my favorite books. Perhaps you will be convinced by a quote: Character is a lack of doubt, character is stubbornly persevering in an intention no matter how senseless it is, character is a lack of imagination, character is inborn dullness, character is the misfortune of humanity.
  • Pay It Forward by Catherine Ryan-Hyde - the opposite of the above. Pay It Forward is a touching story of a 12-year-old boy who changes the world through a network of good deeds. Will you pass it forward?

Inspiring books for children and teenagers

I recommend series of novels about Tomek Wilmowski by Alfred Szklarski for every child and teen - a future traveler. I couldn't tear myself away from when I was younger. Unfortunately they were not translated into English.

  • Tomek w krainie kangurow
  • Tomek na Czarnym Ladzie
  • Tomek na wojennej sciezce
  • Tomek na tropach Yeti
  • Tajemnicza wyprawa Tomka
  • Tomek wsrod lowcow glow
  • Tomek u zrodel Amazonki
  • Tomek w Gran Chaco
  • Tomek w grobowcach faraonow

And what book inspired you? Which has changed your life? Share proszę it in the comment below - maybe it will change mine too?

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Maria Inspires
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