Inspiring movies, which will change your perspective

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Inspiring books which will change your world
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Inspiring movies, which will change your perspective

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When Blue Monday or another bad day catches with you, it's good to watch a movie that will change your perception of the world. It will improve your mood, give you a kick to act and inspire to make a change. Here is a list of my inspiring movies:

Inspiring movies, which will change your perception of the world

  • Minimalism (: A Documentary About the Important Things - a documentary showing that most material things are not needed for happiness - even disturb happiness
  • series The (Kindness Diaries - can you travel the world only relying on the kindness of other people? Leon Logothetis proves that it is possible. A beautiful series.
  • I’m fine, thanks - a documentary answering the question: why do we agree to mediocrity and give up the passion of life.
  • Inside Bill’s Brain : Decoding Bill Gates - a three-part documentary showing the way of thinking of genius Bill Gates.
  • Into the Wild - the story of Christopher McCandless who decides to change his life and goes on a hitchhiking trip to Alaska to live in nature.
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  • Tashi and the monk is a short documentary about a monk called Lobsang, who founded a safe community for children at risk.
  • Samsara - a documentary without words, showing the beauty of people, nature and civilization of 25 countries.
  • What the health - a document from 2017 showing the impact of daily food choices on our health and undermining the ethics of the practices of large medical and pharmaceutical organizations.
  • Billy Elliot - Billy is 11 years old and dreams about becoming a ballet dancer despite the unfavorable attitude of the environment.
  • The walk - the true story of 24-year-old Philippe Petit, who walked the line between the two towers of the World Trade Center in 1974 .
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  • Eat Pray Love - comedy-drama with Julia Roberts. The story of a woman who wants to rediscover the joy of life and find herself again.
  • The intouchables - the film presents the true story of a paralyzed millionaire and a young man who just got out of prison.
  • The Pursuit of Happyness - a fact-based film about a man who, despite adversity, is fighting for his and his little son's future.
  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - Walter Mitty is a dreamer who sets off on an amazing journey.
  • Wild - biographical movie. To solve problems, a young woman sets off on a lonely path that covers thousands of miles.
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  • The Game Changers - a document from 2018 talking about the impact of a plant-based diet on athletes' performance.
  • The Hundred Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared - a comedy about 100-year-old Allanie Karlsson, whose life is still full of amazing adventures.

Inspirational movies (not only for children):

  • WALL·E (WALL-E) - American animation movie, showing a picture of the earth that can become reality if we do not make drastic changes right now.
  • Megamind - animated film from 2010. What makes you become a villain or a hero? Can you change your role?
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Do you have a list of inspirational movies that have changed your perspective of perceiving the world? Podziel się proszę nią w komentarzu poniżej.

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