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traveling as a way of life - 5 tips
Traveling as a way of life - 5 tips
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How to be happy?

how to be happy

Everyone is looking for happiness. We are looking for it in other people, things that can be bought, professional successes, social status. And this is our first mistake. Look around you. How many really happy people do you see? If you found anyone then analyze why that person is happy. Happiness can only be found in yourself. And it is hidden in You now. It will not happen to you tomorrow, not when you meet the love of your life, not when you lose 5 kilograms, not when you get a promotion or go on vacation to Thailand. The Buddha already claimed that happiness is not a goal but a path. How to get on this right and happy path? How to be happy?

How to be happy in 6 steps:

1. Think about what is important to you and follow your path.

Remember that this is your life and no social standards can decide what is best for you. If you want to have a bunch of children and you have a partner who supports you and you want to focus only on their upbringing and caring for the home, your family can afford it, that's what you should do. If 'this something' for you is your career and you appreciate freedom, independence and do not want the restrictions associated with having a family, then do not have it. Finally, if you do not need stability, you love adventures and travel, then go your way and do not worry that your grandmother would like to have great-grandchildren now. Work from time to time to earn for the next part of your journey, enjoy every moment and every person you meet.

Of course, having a family does not exclude traveling (the inspiring story of Asia from Somos Dos is a great example. She travels with her small daughter around the world ), and a professional career does not prevent you from having a wonderful family. Most often, all these paths connect with each other, but it should be your choice and your need.

If you want to know the way of the traveler, read the post Traveling as a way of life - 5 tips

2. Don't compare yourself to others

You will always find someone richer, more beautiful, more influential or faster in running. Beat your records, not others. And enjoy yours successes.

3. Develop yourself every day

Not only professionally, but also in personal life. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said: Whoever does not move forward retreats. Watching TV series is unlikely to help you. It will make it more difficult - it will take precious time, make you to compare to othrers instead of inspiring you to develop right now. Try to read a new, inspirational biography, sign up for salsa lessons, go for yoga, a massage or meditation course. Or read any term in the encyclopedia. Maybe you've always wanted to write or draw? Set up a blog or Instagram account and share your pieces. Each idea is good.

4. Take care of your health

You cannot completely separate the body from the spirit. The body often gives us signals that something bad is happening in our lives. What does your body say to you?

Do you exercise regularly and eat healthy?

If you are worried about the signals received from your body, you may be interested in a post 6 weeks of Total Renewal Program

5. Don't wait

The right moment never comes - believe me, I've waited a few years to live a full life. There will always be some obstacles. Therefore, don't mind them and start making your dreams come true now. Do you need inspiration for dreams? Look at my post My bucket list.

6. Live in a way that you don't regret anything

I agree that we regret what we have not done more than what we have done. So do what you love. Take chances. Don't wait for tomorrow. Start now.

4 years ago I started to follow this rule and I admit that it is only from that moment that I feel really alive. Earlier my life was waiting for the right moment that never came. Ever since I took my life in my hands, unusual things have happened in it: I live in the fifth countries, I traveled Southeast Asia for 5 months alone, I met amazing people, I experienced adventures straight from Indiana Jones movies, I do what I like and regret nothing.

Do these tips seem too general to you?

Of course it is just a first step.

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Maria Inspires
Maria Inspires
My name is Maria Durczyk. I love traveling, illustrating, people. I travel to near and distant countries and towards health and inner peace.

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