Before and After - 5 weeks of vegetable-fruit diet

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Before and After - 5 weeks of vegetable-fruit diet

Before and After - 5 weeks of fasting - vegetable-fruit diet

I created a 6 weeks of Total Renewal Program for myself, whose main assumption was to conduct a 6-week vegetable and fruit diet of doctor Ewa Dabrowska. For various reasons (change of residence, desire to travel further) I finally stoped it after 5 weeks and 1 day. Here are the results - see me before and after 😉

Before and After - 5 weeks of vegetable-fruit diet

after vegetables-fruit diet of doctor Ewa Dabrowska

I currently live in Mexico in Puerto Vallarta and unfortunately I couldn't find a place where I could weigh myself. I don't know how much weight I lost, but looking at clothes and photos I can see that a few arer gone. I feel better with this, of course.

I believe that the fruit and vegetable diet is the best diet in the world! You lose weight and, at the same time, become healthier. Scars become less visible and your skin will not hang down like after other diets.

This is my 2 long vegetable-fruit diet. Several times I also did 1-2 week reminder ones. In my experience, I can say that it is easier to stick to a diet when health is the motivation, not weight loss. Kilos will disappear by the way 😉

During the diet I practiced callanetics and yoga. I also tried to meditate every day. Despite many changes in my life during the diet (breaking up with my boyfriend, moving to another city and traveling), I managed to last for 5 weeks and 1 day! I am proud of myself.

If you want to find out why I meditated, look at the post 6 weeks of Total Renewal Program

Almost every day I added to my meals homemade Spicy Mexican salsa . I must admit that during the diet the taste of the meals was not the most important or outstanding - salsa helped in monotony.

How do you think - how many kilos could I weigh before and how much after the 5 weeks of vegetable-fruit diet? Do you have any experience with dieting? Please share them in the comment below.

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