Coronavirus - life during the pandemonium

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Camino de Santiago - 15 practical tips
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Coronavirus - life during the pandemonium

Coronavirus - life during the pandemonium

Due to the rapidly changing situation in the world because of the coronavirus pandemonium , I abruptly stopped my journey on Friday March 13th, abandoned my large luggage in Mexico (tickets would be too expensive with it) and I reached Poland an hour before closing the borders for airlines. Currently, I am undergoing home quarantine (voluntary - for the good of humanity 😉 - 12 days already behind me. I feel good. Unfortunately, in 2 days I will not go out for a walk or meeting with friends. Like all Poles and many people in the world, it is obligatory (due to to the law) or voluntarily (for fear of the virus) to stay at home in isolation. What is life like in the time of the coronavirus plague (pandemonium COVID-19)?

Coronavirus - home quarantine

I honestly admit that at first quarantine did not bother me at all. For 1.5 months before returning to Poland I lived in a hostel in Puerto Vallara, Mexico. I was surrounded by people all the time, whether in a room or on the beach or street. I love people, but from time to time I need a little more space - isolation from others. The first week of my quarantine met this need completely. I came back to my family home in Krakow and I am also isolating myself from my father so as not to expose him. I don't have a job at the moment, so I'm completely free. It depends on me whether I will do anything at all (except for a bigger mess, because no one sees it 😉 or if I will be more active and really take care of my body and mind.

Coronavirus - how not to go crazy

After 12 days of voluntary quarantine, seclusion begins to bother me slowly. Living in a time of plague is not the easiest. What to do not to go crazy at home during the COVID-19 pandemonium? Below are some ideas:

  • Every day talk to someone important to you. Don't let your relationships with people loosen up.
  • Try not to spend all day on news about new cases of COVID-19.
  • Take this unique time to think about what really matters to you. You have to give up many activities now. Do you miss them? I don't know about you, but I have some concerns about my financial situation in the future, so I buy much less. If you are the same, think about your daily choices. Do you really need another blouse or pair of shoes? What could you do in the future with the money saved in this way?
  • If you start to feel anxiety, you may want to try meditating to find indescribable joy and peace beyond understanding. Check my post East and Christian meditation to learn more. Today I have returned to my recently abandoned meditation and I feel wonderful about it.
  • Don't forget about your body. Try to eat healthy and exercise regularly. If you need some inspiration I recommend the Salsation - is a very positive type of fitness created by Alejandro Angulo. It's like zumba, but with real dance steps. Laugh a little, jump, move, dance. Burn calories and feel better. You can now find many live sport activities on the internet. Search a little and exercise 😉
  • Or maybe you have tailoring skills and would like to support beautiful social inniciative Masks for medics of Cracow . Over the past two weeks, wonderful inhabitants have sewn and delivered over 11,000 masks to health care facilities in need. Every piece counts. Stay at home and sew face masks. If you are not from Krakow and want to help, search in FB - it's possible that such initiatives are already in your area. Gloves and disinfectants will also be useful - if you run a cosmetics shop or tattoo studio, maybe you would like to give away some of your inventory?

Koronawirus – zmiana planów na przyszłość

I bet that two months ago you didn't even expect what your life would look like in the near future. You have no influence over it. Many of your plans have changed. You won't go on a weekend trip to Amsterdam in a week. I stopped the journey and instead of going crazy in Las Vegas and admiring the Grand Canyon, I am stucked at home. In May I was going to start working in Ireland. I planned to spend the money earned in this way for a few months journey to India, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia and Sri Lanka. It's not gonna happen. What to do in that case? There are two options:

  1. I can despair because of the injustice of fate or...
  2. Analyze my options. Look for a job opportunities in Poland in the current situation (can I do something online?), develop some new skills, enjoy every day.

If you are also in a difficult situation, whether financially or professionally, or you are just being overwhelmed by the need to sit at home, try not to despair. Treat this time as the perfect moment for development and conversation with your loved ones and think about what really matters in your life.

What is your situation and life like during the coronavirus plague? I will gladly read your reflections in the comment below. I wish you health!

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