San Pancho for a day or forever

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San Pancho for a day or forever

san Pancho Mexico for a day or forever

San Pancho (actually San Francisco) is a small town on the Pacific Ocean in Mexico. People say it's like Sayulita 10 years ago. If you're looking for parties, then San Pancho is not for you. If you want to relax and feel the spirit of community, be sure to drop by here. San Pancho is a place for 1 day or forever?

I spent only one night in San Pancho. But I think I could live here forever. It is a quiet village, full of relaxed people. Bracelets or Mexican blankets sellers won't bother you on the beach. It is worth coming to the beach in the evening - the sunsets are beautiful here.

San Pancho is the perfect place to relax and surf. If you are not an outstanding swimmer, you are unlikely to swim here though.

I lloved the idea of the community prevailing in San Pancho. You will find here co-work (a place with good quality internet to work), Entre Amigos – Centro Comunitario (a beautiful educational center for children and families with a library - they will gladly accept you as a volunteer), Circo de los Niños (offering circus workshops for children and various workshops for adults), Bodega Teatro (capoeira, belly dancing, contact improvisation, tango , yoga, drums and many more at affordable prices - 80-100 pesos or donation).

Every Tuesday from 10 to 14 there is also a local market with food and folk art.

However, I encountered a problem here. As a vegan, I had a hard time finding many places to eat outside of guacamole at a cosmic price. Eventually I came to Itzalanyasayan restaurant with many vegan options. The food was excellent, but quite expensive - I paid 35 pesos for one taco.

I spent only one night here. I stayed at the Shaka Surf House hostel. The owner greeted me with the words: 'Welcome home.' And although you'll find cheaper accommodation in San Pancho, it's worth staying in Shaka.

If you're looking for more entertainment, go to Sayulity or even better to Puerto Vallarta.

I like the idea of living in such a small and close-knit community. So San Pancho is a place for one day and forever. Especially if you have children. Can you imagine living in a village with only 3,000 inhabitants? Do you need something bigger? I will gladly read about it in the comment below.

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