Sayulita, Mexico- 10 things you have to know

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San Pancho for a day or forever
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Before and After - 5 weeks of vegetable-fruit diet
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Sayulita, Mexico- 10 things you have to know

Sayulita mexico 10 things you have to know

Sayulita is often called 'the crown jewel' of the Riviera Nayarit. It's the perfect place to surf, practice yoga, relax during the day and have fun at night. Poznaj 10 rzeczy o Sayulita, które musisz wiedzieć przed wizytą.

Sayulita - 10 things you have to know before you visit

1. Playa Sayulita

Playa Sayulita is a nice beach but it is full of tourists and sellers, and the sun, unfortunately, does not set in the ocean, but behind the hills.

2. Playa Los Muertos

Playa Los Muertos is just a smaller version of Playa Sayulita. It is also full of tourists. You will find shadow under the trees. The most important, however, is the road to Playa Los Muertos - through the colorful, picturesque cemetery. You must take this walk!

3. Playa Malpasos

Playa Malpasos is to the right of Playa Sayulita. You will reach it in 30 minutes through the hills and through the jungle. The route is not difficult but if you are walking with a cane, it's not for you. Playa Malpasos is a hidden gem. When I got there with the girl I met in my hostel, we were all alone. Apparently people do not go there, because there have been some attacks in the pas... Be careful and go there anyway!

4. Surfing

Sayulita is the perfect place to surf. You will find many schools here, so maybe you should try your hand at this sport?

5. Golf carts

Many tourists move around Sayulita using golf carts. However, this is only a small town, so you can easily get everywhere on foot;).

6. Yoga

If you love yoga, you will also love Sayulita. You will find numerous studies here. You'll also be able to practice yoga on Sayulita Beach every Monday, Friday and Sunday at 8am. The minimum donation is 100 pesos. If you are interested, contact the organizer via Whatsapp +5215530766115.

7. Beautiful pictures

Even a beginer photographer will be able to take beautiful photos in Sayulita that will allow him to get likes on social media. Just look at these colors!

8. Where to eat in Sayulita

As a vegan, I had a little more options in Sayulita than in the wonderful San Pancho, 7 km away (check my post: San Pancho for a day or forever ), but still the largest selection is waiting on you in Puerto Vallarta. You will pay more for fruit and vegetables in Sayulita than in PV, which is not cheap anyway. I recommend 2 restaurants:

  • My favourite Naty’s Cocina - a tiny Mexican restaurant offering meat tacos, but also a few vegan and vegetarian options. You will pay 20 pesos for a sizable taco. They serve them in a double tortilla so 2 or 3 should be enough for you. They were very good! Unfortunately sooo good that I ate them before I could take a picture! Naty’s Cocina is open from 8:30 am to 4 pm.
  • Americua - a small vegan restaurant offering breakfasts and dinners. You will eat Mexican food and burgers here. You'll pay 90 pesos for the lunch of the day and 20 pesos for fruit water of the day (water, sugar and fresh fruit). The food here is very healthy and good in taste. Americua is open until 3 pm.

9. Sayulita - where to stay

I spent only 2 days and one night in Sayulita. I stayed in Hostal Tortuga, which is located in the moddle of the village - about 12 minutes walk from the beach. Hostal Tortuga is very modern, with comfortable bathrooms and beds. As a hostel guest you can use the small swimming pool. You will pay 200 pesos for one night (without breakfast but you can use the kitchen). Disadvantages of location: Tortuga hostel is situated deep in the village, so around 5:30 am the surrounding roosters start to make a big noice. They are screaming to each other for hours!

10. Sayulita - how to get there

If you're traveling from Puerto Vallarta, you can easily take a local bus. You will find it at the stop in front of the Walmart supermarket. The cost of the trip is only 46 pesos one way. Buses to Sayulita leave approximately every 20 minutes.

Did the 10 things you have to know before visiting Sayulita convince you to come to this pueblo? It seems to me that this is the most picturesque town I've ever seen in Mexico. What other colorful places have you seen during your travels? Please share them with me in the comment below.

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