Fraud on TINDER

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Fraud on TINDER

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Most of us want to find love. We are looking for it in many different ways. We sometimes try to find it through apps or dating sites. However, you have to be very careful. Some people could try to use your need to love and be loved for evil purposes. 2 days ago I had an unpleasant situation. One seemingly amazing man tried to extort from me 3500 euros!

Fraud on TINDER

Girls, watch out if you're on Tinder. The guy pretends to be the owner of the ship or captain. He will seem perfect to you, ideally answer all your questions. He's a master of manipulation. Here is his story:

Chris, 35 (of course he may have a different name, age or face) is a romantic who suffered a lot, but he smiles a lot still. A few years ago his father died, three years later his mother. In addition, the ex-girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend. He needed a change, so he moved to your country. This is his last cruise, he already has an idea for land based business in your area.

Chris loves animals, he is very family oriented and you are a godsend for him. Unfortunately, the turbine on the ship breaks down. The area is dangerous - there acould be pirates nearby. Connection falls and he can't send an email with an SOS signal, but he can talk to you on Whatapp (he used the number +44 7380 346052). Asks you to send an e-mail message to:

This is an SOS message from captain Chris Lopez. He has a broken turbine and He needs back up as soon as possible Location coordinates are 12.2502° N, 64.3372° E Arabian Sea

MSC Global Delivery contacted the supplier. They can deliver a turbine in 90 minutes, but they need a transfer for 3,500 euros. Chris tries but receives information about a transaction problem:

Fraud on Tinder Transfer Status

Because of poor internet coverage, Chris asks you to log into his bank account and make a transfer on his behalf. Here are his login details:
Acc nun: 9038821493
Passcode: Sparrow10

You fail and receive messages full of despair from your beloved, who then asks you to transfer money to your private account (to check if this is a problem with his account or the turbine supplier's account), then asks you to transfer from your account to the account of the "rescue team".

These are the transfer details:
NAME:osayi Igbinogie
Account number5320171401010880
Bank name BNC10
Paseo de la Castellana 75
28046 Madrid

Chris, Ben or George or another fraud from Tinder has extorted money from many women all around the world. He speaks English and German. Can use photos of other people.

Here are the stories of women who had contact with him:,29103.0.html Unfortunately, he robbed many of them ... I realized in time that the whole situation was very suspicious...

What may indicate that the situation is suspicious

  • Do not agree to any transfers at the request of strangers!
  • Chris to my question why he would not ask a friend for help said that he has no friends (do not trust people who have no friends!)
  • The bank account is for Chris, not his company.
  • Please note the email: - no self-respecting company will have a ending or similar.
  • Suspicious: Chris can't send an email, but he can contact you on Whatsapp. He can also try to make a transfer.
  • The SOS signal is sent by radio using the Mors code, not by email. In 1999, the SOS signal was changed to The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS).
  • Compare the logo and the original Bankia website with fake one. Vary. A logo with a lightning for the bank, really?
  • The fake bank website is not secured by a padlock visible at the website address.
  • Look also at the quality of the graphic design. You can clearly see a white border around the bank's logo.
  • My friend's words: "When we find the ideal, it is already very suspicious"

I share my story with you about the fraud on Tinder so that you will be careful. Pay attention to the small details. It's worth fighting for love, but it's better to do it wisely - it's not worth wasting money for it...

Has anyone tried to extort money from you? What methods did he use? Please share this in the comment below.

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