When time stopped

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When time stopped

when time stopped

Time stopped.

People slowed down.

They are not rushing anymore.

They stay at home.

Nature can breathe.


Clean out.

We humans have the chance to do the same.

We can despair, worry and protest. And let nothing change.

Or give ourselves a chance for a new life.

In the rhythm of slow breathing.

Here and Now.

Infinite possibilities await in a limited space.

All you need is a little bit of creativity.

Home is your cell. Like a monk's.

Mind is your playground.

Meditate. Be grateful. Develop yourself.

Don't waste this chance.

Nigdy wcześniej nie miałeś tyle czasu dla siebie.

Try to make your first step after dropping the mask stable and resilient.

You can get fat as a pig or run as gazelle ...

It is your choice.

It's always your choice ...

jedność z naturą ilustracja maria inspires

A And what will you do with the time that has stopped?

Maria Inspires
Maria Inspires
My name is Maria Durczyk. I love traveling, illustrating, people. I travel to near and distant countries and towards health and inner peace.

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