10 places you need to visit in Mexico

10 places you must visit in Mexico

Mexico is a huge country - it ranks 14th in the world in size. No wonder you could live here for years and still not see everything […]
bucket list

My bucket list

Let's dream more. Dreams show us the direction in which we must go. It is good idea to make your bucket list and try every day to make a small step on the path to its implementation. […]
inspiring books

Inspiring books which will change your world

On the dusty shelves of libraries wait for you books that could change your world. They will give you motivation, courage, change the perspective of your perception, give you advise. I love reading. Here is my list of inspiring […]
inspiring movies be inspired

Inspiring movies, which will change your perspective

When Blue Monday or another bad day catches with you, it's good to watch a movie that will change your perception of the world. It will improve your mood, give you a kick to act and inspire […]
inspiring people

Inspiring people

Meet people who are not afraid of challenges. Who follow their dreams with courage and determination. Become one of them. Believe in yourself. Here is mine […]

11 the most beautiful places in Southeast Asia

Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore